APIOC 2021 Submission

APIOC 2021 will have a focused online program with parallel streams in theoretical and empirical IO. To this end, many talks and sessions will be invited. However, we have  a limited number of slots for unsolicited papers for presentation. These will run in 4 parallel sessions around the middle of the day to early afternoon Singapore time on Dec 13th and Dec 14th.

Please consider submitting your work by emailing us at the following information by the deadline of October 22, 2021. Priority will be given to scholars in the region.

Junior scholars who are on the market can submit their job market papers for consideration in the special job market sessions. There will be allocated times that work for all time zones. These are limited and aimed at showcasing the very best candidates, so the selection will be very strict. If you are interested, please submit the information below plus (7) an indication this is your job market paper that is for consideration in the job market sessions, and (8) include the name and email address of your supervisor (who we may contact).


(1) Title of paper

(2) Authors and affiliations

(3) Classification: Theory IO, Empirical IO or Experimental IO, and broad topic area within IO

(4) Abstract

(5) Google scholar link to the paper (if there is one)

(6) Any preference for Dec 13th or Dec 14th

In addition, for junior scholars

(7) An indication this is your job market paper that is for consideration in the job market sessions

(8) Include the name and email address of your supervisor (who we may contact).


Attach a pdf of the paper based on the latest version (it needn’t be a complete paper).


Julian Wright

APIOC 2021 Chair